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UPS' Application In Medical Treatment

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With various digital medical equipments as CT, MRI, CR, Biochemical analyzer, custodial care facilities in the hospital from which most medical information comes. Therefore, they have to be ready for work 24 hours a day, no shutdown allowable for even a single second. What’s more, high-quality power supply is needed for them.

How UPS applied in Medical Treatment:

Mains electricity & twin-channel generator’ power supply enters ATS, switching the system and supplying power for downstream low-voltage distribution system. With lighting-shielding system added. For medical usage, we recommend parallel system instead single ones for higher reliability. Two pairs of UPSs will be integrated in two parallel systems for synchronous tracking after connected by LBS, therefore ensure the reliability of single-channel input load via STS. For double-channel input load, it can be dual-supplied via AC distribution system from two different UPS system. For the office equipment, it is recommended that independent UPS to supply power, which separates the power supply for office equipment & critical medical equipment, and consequently make the load safer.

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