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MSP1500(Marine Smart Monitoring & Supervisory Panel 15”)

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Product Model:MSP1500
Product Description:MSP1500(Marine Smart Monitoring & Supervisory Panel 15”) is a multifunctional display monitoring device equipped with a 15
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Product Introduction:
The MSP1500 Marine Smart Monitoring & Supervisory Panel 15” is a multifunctional display monitoring device equipped with a 15” color screen. The device is used to display, manage and manipulate the navigation information of a yacht. The MSP1500 is primarily installed on the navigation bridge, fly bridge or in the master cabin to allow for the real-time monitoring of navigation information/status of the entire yacht. The two components which are detected and monitored by MSP1500 are the Marine Smart Integrated Information Management System and the Marine Smart Power System (MSP).

Application Field:
Used for centralized collecting and management of navigation information on the yacht.

Product Features:
●  Support for NMEA 2000 communications protocol.
●  A 15” color screen, ARM processor and Linux operating system.
●  Touch-screen operation.
●  Built-in lithium battery backup.
●  Configurable yacht silhouette background.
●  USB online upgrade.
●  Support for Day&Night Modes.
●  Multiple languages: English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.
●  WiFi function.
●  No electromagnetic interference to yacht communication devices (156MHz to 165MHz electromagnetic radiation <24dB).

Outline of External Dimensions:
External Dimensions(W * H * D)=364.0 mm * 318.0 mm * 72.0 mm


Diagrammatic outline of connection network:

①  MSPS12/3 (Marine Smart Power Supply)
②  CB411 (Combiner Box)
③  MSP1500 (
Marine Smart Monitoring & Supervisory Panel 15")

Interface of MSP1500:


●  Displaying all the detection & monitoring information in one place.
●  Touch-screen control and with clear module icons.
●  Compatible with a variety of interfaces.
●  Flexible in switching around interfaces content.


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