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APM is going to become a High-tech enterprise

Published:2013.07.26 News source: Views:

We were invited to a training for application of high-tech enterprise held by provincial science and technology department on 23rd June. We studied the latest policy of high-tech enterprise.We exchanged ideas with the organizer about the isuess and solutions we have, during applying the high-tech projects.

Science and technology are always regarded as the fundament for the development of enterprise. After the 12thfive- year plan was going further in China, this philosophy is given much more attention. This may bring more support and positive influence to the application of high-tech enterprise, nevertheless, it also pose greater challenge and higher requirements.

As to involve more and more staff into the application of high-tech enterprises, we not only take part in all kinds of training programs but also invite professionals to give on site surpport. We also invited them to inspect our newly-developed products. They highly praised our products, which give great confidence and encouragement to our research team and enable us to be more confident and passionate to prepare for applying high-tech enterprise project.

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