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APM attended Electronica India 2018

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Electronica India 2018 was held in the industrial city Bangalore during 2018.9.26 ~28. The exhibition attracted hundreds of domestic and foreign companies to participate in all areas of the electronics industry. Nowadays, more and more companies are moving their production lines to countries with relatively low labor costs in India, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries, which have brought development momentum to these countries and also stimulated the potential of these countries' electronic markets. The demand for electronic components, electronic equipment, and various electronic products are growing at an annual rate.
APM power supply has always been adhering to the high performance and cost-effective characteristics, so it is very popular in the Indian market. There are a lot of customers coming to the booth consultation. The customer industry covers motorcycle engines, battery manufacturers, drone manufacturers and various production and processing enterprises. . The biggest attraction of APM power supply is that it can be used in high-precision and high-configuration power supply products through appropriate investment, thereby improving the quality of products and obtaining more profit.
It is believed that through the exhibition in Bangalore, APM brand can open a larger market in India and gain recognition from more customers.


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