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Enterprise Culture
Company Philosophy: APM Technologies based on the objective of achieving automated and smart systems have a comprehensive and systematic research, marketing and service system. From product development and marketing to sales and after-sales service, every stage is uphold the service concept of APM Technologies that to providing 24 hours a day of continuing services to our customers. We aim for 365 days a year’s unremitting technological innovation for the pursuit of leading-edge technology and to incessantly meet our customer needs

Company Vision: APM Technologies is a market-orientated and quality-based company that has combining technological innovation with customer needs, and integrating product research,marketing and services into the core of its business. Our initial goal is to establish the brand of APM Technologies through technology, management and the unremitting efforts of our sales and customer services personnel, and further to become a world-class complete solution provider in the electronics assembly, manufacturing equipment, automation and special-purpose power supply industries.

Company Mission: To the largest extent minimize human labor, increase convenience of people's life, and save on world’s resources.

Company Spirit: Constant pursuit of excellence.

Core Values

Team Spirit: Credence, unity, dedication and cooperation.

Self-Motivated: Independent, self-reliant and self-strength.

Honest & Trustworthy: Loyalty and commitment.

Customer Satisfaction: Devotion and perseverance.

Open & Innovative: Seeking common ground while reserving differences for achieving

Sustainable  Development: Continually cooperate for the sake of mutual benefit.