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Three phase AC source system

High Efficiency--Up to 13.5 kVA output power, active PF up to 0.99, high efficiency up to 85%
High Precision--Up to 0.2% voltage accuracy, up to 0.4% current accuracy, up to 0.03% frequency accuracy.
High Stability--Continuable and stable working with temp. 0~40℃ in full load for a long time, and has passed CE approval


 ○ 5.6’’ large touch color screen  ○ AC+DC mixed or independent output mode
 ○ Capable of setting output slope/phase angle  ○ Built-in IEC standard test function
 ○ Build-in multiple protection functions  ○ Build-in power meter to measure the output parameters



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 Output Voltage


There are some differences between Single Units, Series/Parallel System and Three phase AC source system as below.

NO. Function Single Unit Series/ Parallel System  Three phase AC source system
1  Output frequency Range  15~1200Hz  15~1200Hz  15~1000Hz
2  Built-in IEC Standard  IEC61000-4-11
3  Hamonics/Inter-harmonics Generation Simulation and Harmonics Measurement  Support  Support (Only support Harmonics Measurement of the Master Unit)  Not Support
4  Special Function(Dimmer Function, special LITS)  Support  Support  Not Support
5  Output Impedance  Support  Not Support  Not Support
6  Series or Parallel connection  Support  Not Support  Not Support