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APM Service

By adhering to our business philosophy "Professional, Innovative, Branding, Service", APM Technologies strives to create a reliable "APM" product brand and to provide our customers with comprehensive product trainings, after-sales service and technical supports. We are committed to serving our customers as well as society.
APM Technologies based on the objective of achieving automated and smart systems have a comprehensive and systematic research, marketing and service system. From product development, production and marketing to sales and after-sales service, every stage is uphold the service concept of APM Technologies that to providing 24 hours a day of continuing services to our customers. We aim for 365 days a year's unremitting technological innovation for the pursuit of leading-edge technology and to incessantly meet our customer needs.

Pre-sale Service
1、Customer Consultation:
In order to assure The First Response to customer demand, APM Technologies sets up a Sales Service Department to provide the most efficient and professional consulting greenway to customers via phone call, QQ online, MSN, Skype and other diversified communication channels.

Technology updates rapidly with each passing day. With its perspective concept, APM Technologies integrates modern science and technology, products and services together and provides the most cost-effective solution according to the actual needs of customers.

In-sale Service:
1、Installation and Debugging:
Qualified APM Technologies deliver professional installation and debugging service according to customer needs and practical circumstances, ensuring good equipment performance. For those users who are capable of installation and operation, we offer multiple consulting methods in case you have any questions with our products.

Comprehensive trainings are provided to our customers for the knowledge of product features, attentions for transportation and storage, normal operation and maintenance, etc.

After-sales Service:
1、 Maintenance and Replacement:
Any malfunction of APM products within the quality guarantee period, we deliver free maintenance or replacement depending on practical situation, solving your problem quickly and completely.

2、 Client Follow-up Service:
We keep smooth communication with our customers by regular client follow-up, keeping informed of equipment functioning situation and customers' requirements and tackle your problems the first time. Also, we summarize and share all the information from each customer every month in company in ways that improve our products applicability and people's problem-solving ability.