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R&D Strength

APM Technologies (DongGuan) Co., Ltd has a strong R&D ability and has invested in establishing an advanced research laboratory as well as forming an innovative R&D team that has obtained a number of patents for the APM product ranges. The APM's R&D team not only continuously draws in advanced technologies from the local & overseas and to integrate those technologies into our company products to produce a number of high-standard products, but also fills the existing technological gaps in the industry in China. By focusing on these advanced technological innovations, APM has become the R&D platform that is making use of self-developed as well as world-class leading-edge technologies.

APM's advanced R&D facilities, passionate, dedicated senior expert team, and supports from relevant sections of the community not only have become the strong backing for our company to pursuit a continuous innovation and becoming a leader in the industry, but also enable us to achieve our company motto "Professional, Innovation, Good Brand and Excellent Services".

Allocation of APM's R&D Resources: APM Technologies focuses on R&D by putting in a lot of manpower, financial and material resources so that to develop and upgrade APM product ranges as well as to build a platform of global technology, talent, experience and quality management.

APM Technologies R&D Team: APM Technologies has always been making technological innovation as the foundation of company business development, striving to develop intelligent automated machines and special power supplies that are high performance, low emission, low energy consumption and low consumable for our customers. We meet our customer's requirements through offering them our high quality products and customer service.APM Technologies has a large technical development team. Our company has accumulated enough experiences in handling a complete production regarding R&D, prototyping, mass manufacturing, project management, test specifications, quality control standards and a full range of ideas of intelligent automated machines and special power supplies.

APM is Establishing Research Alliances: APM Technologies adheres to the principle of seeking for common ground, harmony and win-win strategies. Under the supports of the local authority and communities of all levels in the Dongguan district, our company is committed to combine production, learning and research into one for the purpose of creating its own technologically innovative platform. Based on such a platform, APM Technologies promises to establish a long-term and stable strategic partnership in areas regarding R&D, testing and production of intelligent automated machines and special power supplies, in cooperative with many famous universities and research institutions worldwide.