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About Us

A strong talent pool is the cornerstone of production innovation, science and technology improvement and corporation prosperity. Since the establishment of APM Technologies (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. , we have made a long term plan to build a staff team with professional knowledge, excellent work ability and innovation spirit. Laying stress on employers' development, we provide comprehensive training system, humanized management and good working conditions so as to achieve harmonious development of  both the employer and employees.

As a professional group, we have workers with strong technical background; as a young dynamic group, we are committed to high-technology industry, devoting our passion, energy and pioneering spirit.

As a responsible group holding ambitious goals, we work on automatic equipment and special power supply with the purpose of saving resources, improving production efficiency , relieving people from heavy work, and contributing to a harmonious hospitable living environment is always our principle. We keep serving to serve our customers and the community we operate.

Sales Team:
Emphasizing on providing timely, exclusive and comprehensive services to all our customers, APM Technologies keeps on improving service system, raising service standard, upgrading service mode to create greater value to our customers. In addition to two offices in south China and east China, we will successively set up a number of marketing service points in the local china and overseas, after sales and selling services available in a short time.

Research and Development Team:
APM Technologies has built a sophisticated talent team encompassing a R&D team with experts and specialists in automatic and special power industries. Under the guideline of integrating independent development, technology import and cooperation with other scientific research organizations, we have established productive relationships with university research institution, renowned companies and other scientific organizations on product design and test as well as new product development.

Quality Control Team:
APM Technologies quality control team is composed of qualified personnel with rich experience in automatic and power products quality tests. They demonstrate stringent quality checks on every production link from material testing, production control to equipment test, ensuring optimum products reach every customer.

Marketing Team:
APM Technologies marketing team shoulders the responsibility of pre-sales and after-sales consultations together with marketing promotion. Through multiple connection methods like internet, telephone, MSN, QQ, Skype, fax and email, we deliver efficient services to customers all around the world.