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AC Power Supplies

High Efficiency--Up to 5kVA/4U output power, 0.99 power factor with up to 86% efficiency
High Precision--Up to 0.2% voltage accuracy ,up to 0.4% current accuracy and up to 0.03% frequency accuracy.
High Stability--Continuable and stable working with temp. 0 to 40 ℃ in full load voltage for a long time, and has passed CSA, UL, CE approval


 ○ 5.6’’ large touch color screen  ○ AC+DC mixed or independent output mode
 ○ Capable of setting output slope/phase angle  ○ Built-in IEC standard test function
 ○ Built-in multiple protections  ○ Built-in power meter
 ○ Support harmonics/inter-harmonics simulation
    and measuring function
 ○ Support master and slave parallel mode to realize power 



How to choose(click the type)

Item Output Voltage 2U 3U 4U
600W 1000W 1500W  2000W 3000W 4000W  5000W
1 150VAC/300VAC 5.6A/2.8A 9.2A/4.6A 13.8A/6.9A  16A/8A  27.6A/13.8A 32A/16A  46A/23A


Based on the application area of the AC power source,it is divided into Advanced Versions and Professional Versions. The differences and the accessories of both two versions are listed in below table.

 Functional description Advanced
 Output frequency range  15-1000Hz  15-1200Hz
 Built in IEC standard  IEC61000-4-11  IEC61000-4-11
 Harmonics/inter-harmonics generate simulation and
measuring function
 Not Support  Support
 Output impedance function  Not Support  Support
 Dimmer function  Support
 Max power point sweeping function  Support
 Transient mode  Support
 USB data load/upload and screen snap  Support
 CC mode  Support
 Capable of setting output slope of voltage and frequency  Support
 Capable of setting ON/OFF phase angle  Support
 Test mode  Support
 Output Simulation Sequence and power line Disturbance Simulation  Support
 Amplifier Function  Support (Optional)
 External control function  Support (Optional)
 GPIB communication  Support (Optional)